"Night of the Icons"
The Italian Jeweler is celebrating the movie with an exclusive party on the occasion of the Berlinale event that will be held for the 66th time.

On the night of February 14th, Bulgari will host a glamorous party with top-class celebrities from the movie scene, the German high nobility and well-known personalities. In addition to Princess Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleburg, other famous guests like Nikolai Kinski, Hannelore Elsner, Jessica Schwarz and Jürgen Vogel will be expected in the Hotel Noir in Berlin-Mitte.

Brand Ambassador Princess Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Bulgari Managing Director Sandra Mohsni are inviting to a journey through the brand's movie history while exhibiting iconic pieces of jewelry. All invited guests will have the unique opportunity to admire treasures of the last decades and the current Bulgari collection in the basement of the Hotel Noir in Berlin, which was specifically converted for this event.

Seduction and Dolce vita atmospheres exude from the Bulgari creations from the Heritage Collection on display for the occasion of Berlinale. One of the highlights is the celebrated Serpenti motif, born at the end of 1940s with sinuous bracelet-watches that over the decades asserted themselves as messengers of Bulgari’s cultural roots and glamour. As years went by, eclectic reinterpretations in tune with major trends and prestigious endorsements consolidated their status of brand icons. The Serpenti creations on display for Berlinale – a bracelet watch and a necklace - exemplify the more realistic takes on the snake Bulgari introduced in the 1960s: the body is designed as alternate rows of scales is decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds and guilloché polychrome enamel while in the bracelet-watch the timepiece is concealed in the snake head. This kind of Serpenti “mysterious watch” was favored by prestigious endorsers like Elizabeth Taylor, who could not resist to wear on the set of Cleopatra her own Serpenti bracelet-watch Bulgari created especially for her, featuring the head encrusted by marquise and brilliant cut diamonds and the eyes lit by magnetic emeralds.

Two brooches with cabochon emeralds and sapphires feature the harmonious “shield” shape favored by Anita Ekberg. The cabochon cut, nowadays a Bulgari hallmark, was adopted by the Maison since the early 1930s, a very unconventional choice considering that the use of faceted stones was predominant at that time and the cabochon cut was usually reserved to stones of lower value. Evoking the cupolas that punctuate the Roman landscapes, the cabochon cut allowed Bulgari to provide a unique sense of volume while also highlighting the vibrant chromatic hues of the stones. Finally, a parure with necklace and earrings in gold and platinum with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds from 1959 exemplifies the groundbreaking color combinations Bulgari introduced since late 1950s, when the current practice favored the use of only one colored stone paired with diamonds. Bulgari’s chromatic juxtapositions started with sapphires – pale blue sapphire and dark blue sapphires at first, to be followed soon by the entire hues spectrum of sapphires – to become increasingly daring over the years. The combination of rubies, emeralds and sapphire is among the most favored one by the Maison as well as by celebrities like actress Claudia Cardinale, who wore a necklace very similar to this one for a shooting made for Vogue Italy in 1966: “an explosion of lights for a triumphant beauty” recited the enthusiastic picture caption that accompanied the article.

Besides the guest will have the possibility to use pictures taken during the event for a good cause by using the hashtag #bulgariberlinale. Bulgari will convert the hashtag into a donation and will contribute the money to the child rights organization Save the Children.

Invited guests will be chauffered to the location by a luxurious BMW limousine. The DJ Duo Ali from Tiefschwarz and Bonnie from Musique Couture as well as specially created drinks from Diageo will ensure an unforgettable and thrilling night. 
Bulgari was found as a jewelry store in 1884 and today is part of the LVMH Group. Due to the creation of magnificent pieces of jewelry, that are all characterized by very high Italian craftmanship, the brand has gradually developed to a world leading company in the luxury segment. The international success contributed to its present form as a diversified luxury goods producer with stores in the most exclusive shopping streets. Bulgari's product and service portfolio ranges from jewelry and watches to accessories, perfume and hotels. 

Education can change lives – Since 2009 Bulgari has supported the world ?s biggest independet child rights organization Save the Children in order to give disadvantaged children access to school education and thereby an opportunity for a better future.
As a symbol for this cooperation Bulgari created a charity ring and necklace inspired by the B.zero1 Collection. 70 Euros of the sales revenues will be donated to Save the Children. 
Extract from the guest list
Prinzessin Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Brand Ambassador Bulgari)
Nikolai Kinski
Hannelore Elsner
Iris Berben
Jessica Schwarz
Jürgen Vogel
Mariella Ahrens
Joachim Baldauf
Julia Dietze
Mirja DuMont
Ursula Karven
Aino Laberenz
Stephan Luca
Nova Meierhenrich
Sara Nuru
Eva Padberg
Janin Reinhardt
Jochen Schropp
Mina Tander